Our Impact

Through our partnership with County and Cities within Bay Area, we’ve been able to open 7 parking lots and serve an average of 160 individuals. Clients have access to services such as showers, medical care, and food through safe parking. We see 50% of our clients move into positive housing destinations. 

2016 – Idea of Bay Area Safe Parking begins

2018 – Church Parking Lots open for clients

2019 – City of Mountain View opens three RV lots

2020 – Intensive housing case management begins

2021 – City of Palo Alto opens three parking lots



“I feel so much safer being able to have a spot I can come back to at night. On the streets, it can be scary having strangers looking into your car or having the police knock on your window to tell you to move along. I wouldn’t be able to stay in a spot for more than 3 days.”

– Car Dweller Client







Clients Served


Moved to transitional/permanent housing


Client Stories

All our clients have different stories and challenges that we honor and respect. We therefore give individualized care and plans for their situations. No matter their experience, they deserve shelter and a place to call home.



Hear their experiences



None of the domestic violence shelters had space when a victim found herself homeless in her car. She found security and comfort while staying in our safe parking program, and she frequently met with her case manager to find housing with her Section 8 voucher. Even with delays with Section 8 due to the pandemic, she was able to find a wonderful apartment she can call a safe home in just a few months.


A local senior had been chronically homeless for 10 years. Because of shelter-in-place, he originally had no access to a toilet. Our program was able to give him access to a 24/7 bathroom and access to free showers and laundry 2 times a week. He was also able to see a doctor for the first time in years. Through our program, we were able to help take care of basic needs that every human being deserves – food, hygiene, and health care. Within two weeks, he was able to be referred and moved into a transitional housing program.


A family of three became homeless in their RV after the father of the family lost his job due to the pandemic, and it was difficult to find his type of work during shelter-in-place. Because of our program, they could safely stay in Mountain View where their 7 year-old daughter could continue to go to her school. Not long after they were able to get vaccines in our parking lot, the father was able to get a new job. They sold their RV and they are now back in permanent housing!